The award-winning Cathedral Quarter is Derby’s central business district with a diverse range of highly-regarded and well-established professional services.

The finance sector is well represented in the area with a large number of banks, building societies, insurance brokers, accountancy practices and financial advisory services. It is also home to many estate agents, chartered surveyors and lettings agencies, establishing the Cathedral Quarter as the primary location in the city for property matters.

There is also a strong legal presence in the Cathedral Quarter with a large number of solicitors and law firms electing to have chambers in the area. This, in addition to the new Magistrates Court located on St Mary’s Gate, ensures that the Cathedral Quarter can justly claim to be at the heart of Derby’s judiciary system.

The Cathedral Quarter also has a strong background in innovative and creative industries and boasts local, regional and national leaders in IT, graphic design, digital art and printing as successful businesses located in the area.

A growing number of micro-businesses, entrepreneurs and SME’s are recognising the advantages of having a base for their activities in the Cathedral Quarter with a substantial presence in the Connect Derby developments at Friar Gate Studios, Sadler Bridge Studios and Kings Chambers.

A-Z Professional Services
Ablewild See profile
Air IT
Air IT See profile
Anjela Charles Clinic of Herbal Medicine
Anjela Charles Clinic of Herbal Medicine See profile
APP4 Developments
APP4 Developments See profile
Aquila Insight
Aquila Insight See profile
Ashby Family Law Practice
Ashby Family Law Practice See profile
Ashley Adams
Ashley Adams See profile
Ashley Buckley Personal Tailoring
Ashley Buckley Personal Tailoring See profile
Astute Recruitment
Astute Recruitment See profile
Bagshaws Residential
Bagshaws Residential See profile
BB&J Commercial
BB&J Commercial See profile
BBJ Lettings
BBJ Lettings See profile
Beightons Solicitors
Beightons Solicitors See profile
BinaryFold4 See profile
Bluefin Recruitment
Bluefin Recruitment See profile
BluePlan Surveys Ltd
BluePlan Surveys Ltd See profile
Boxall Brown & Jones
Boxall Brown & Jones See profile
Bradley & Jefferies
Bradley & Jefferies See profile
Broadbents Solicitors
Broadbents Solicitors See profile
Cathedral Autocentre
Cathedral Autocentre See profile
Cathedral Lettings
Cathedral Lettings See profile
CGSW Ltd See profile
Cloud Next
Cloud Next See profile
Codemakers See profile
Conder Developments Ltd
Conder Developments Ltd See profile
Connect Derby
Connect Derby See profile
Cordius Ltd
Cordius Ltd See profile
Crocstar Media Ltd.
Crocstar Media Ltd. See profile
CT Skills
CT Skills See profile
Curtain Academy
Curtain Academy See profile
Data Centrum Ltd
Data Centrum Ltd See profile
David Brown Commercial
David Brown Commercial See profile
Derbyshire Community Bank
Derbyshire Community Bank See profile
Derbyshire Home Care Ltd
Derbyshire Home Care Ltd See profile
Derbyshire Local Medical Committee
Derbyshire Local Medical Committee See profile
Derwent Rural Counselling Service
Derwent Rural Counselling Service See profile
Direct Finance Solutions Ltd
Direct Finance Solutions Ltd See profile
Elliot Mather Solicitors
Elliot Mather Solicitors See profile
Encore Recruitment
Encore Recruitment See profile
Equinox Care Recruitment
Equinox Care Recruitment See profile
Ethero Strategic Staffing
Ethero Strategic Staffing See profile
Extra Personnel
Extra Personnel See profile
Family Law Group
Family Law Group See profile
Family Mediation Forum Ltd
Family Mediation Forum Ltd See profile
Farsight Recruitment Ltd
Farsight Recruitment Ltd See profile
Flint Bishop
Flint Bishop See profile
Frank Innes
Frank Innes See profile
Friargate Alterations
Friargate Alterations See profile
Frontline Recruitment
Frontline Recruitment See profile
Future Proof Films
Future Proof Films See profile
G & P Healthcare
G & P Healthcare See profile
Gadsby Nichols
Gadsby Nichols See profile
Grace-Leyland Education
Grace-Leyland Education See profile
Green Dog Media
Green Dog Media See profile
Haart See profile
Heather Thomas Counselling
Heather Thomas Counselling See profile
Howard Tax Accountants Ltd
Howard Tax Accountants Ltd See profile
Huub Events
Huub Events See profile
ICU – IT Support & Development
ICU – IT Support & Development See profile
ITN Mark Education
ITN Mark Education See profile
J.H. Powell Solicitors
J.H. Powell Solicitors See profile
John Sutcliffe
John Sutcliffe See profile
John’s Framing
John’s Framing See profile
JSA Architects
JSA Architects See profile
Karate Grafika Ltd
Karate Grafika Ltd See profile
Kieran Harrod Design
Kieran Harrod Design See profile
Langley Solutions
Langley Solutions See profile
Latham Architects
Latham Architects See profile
Leaders See profile
Leeds Building Society
Leeds Building Society See profile
Leek United
Leek United See profile
Lightbox Education
Lightbox Education See profile
Lighthouse Digital
Lighthouse Digital See profile
Lloyd’s Register Rail Ltd
Lloyd’s Register Rail Ltd See profile
Lloyds Bank
Lloyds Bank See profile
Longbow Design and Marketing
Longbow Design and Marketing See profile
Louise West Lace Design
Louise West Lace Design See profile
Mach Recruitment
Mach Recruitment See profile
Magistrates Court
Magistrates Court See profile
Mainframe See profile
Marie Curie Cancer Care
Marie Curie Cancer Care See profile
Marketing Derby
Marketing Derby See profile
Martin & Co
Martin & Co See profile
Maya HTT UK Ltd
Maya HTT UK Ltd See profile
Montana Marketing
Montana Marketing See profile
Mortgage Arena
Mortgage Arena See profile
Nicholas J. Humphreys
Nicholas J. Humphreys See profile
Northwood Lettings
Northwood Lettings See profile
Orridge & Dunn
Orridge & Dunn See profile
Oviso See profile
Partnerships for Better Business UK
Partnerships for Better Business UK See profile
Paskett PR Ltd
Paskett PR Ltd See profile
Phoenix Lettings
Phoenix Lettings See profile
Pick Everard
Pick Everard See profile
Professional Financial Centre
Professional Financial Centre See profile
Protect for Life Ltd
Protect for Life Ltd See profile
Red Eye Ltd
Red Eye Ltd See profile
Royal Bank of Scotland Plc
Royal Bank of Scotland Plc See profile
Rubiqa See profile
Santander See profile
Saylavy See profile
Scargill Mann and Co
Scargill Mann and Co See profile
Schoenemann Design Ltd
Schoenemann Design Ltd See profile
Sewing Classes Derby
Sewing Classes Derby See profile
Sir William Baird & Partners
Sir William Baird & Partners See profile
Sky Recruitment Solutions
Sky Recruitment Solutions See profile
Slater Gordon Solicitors
Slater Gordon Solicitors See profile
Smith Cooper
Smith Cooper See profile
Smith Partnership
Smith Partnership See profile
Smiths Psychotherapy
Smiths Psychotherapy See profile
Snake Lane Design
Snake Lane Design See profile
Square One Creative
Square One Creative See profile
Status Social
Status Social See profile
Stirrup Surveying Ltd
Stirrup Surveying Ltd See profile
Stuart Smith Derby Ltd
Stuart Smith Derby Ltd See profile
Subism Ltd
Subism Ltd See profile
Tax Partnership
Tax Partnership See profile
Tecinteractive See profile
The Best Connection Group
The Best Connection Group See profile
The Compassionate Mind Foundation
The Compassionate Mind Foundation See profile
The Language Corner
The Language Corner See profile
The Point Creative Studio
The Point Creative Studio See profile
Thomas Grant & Company Ltd
Thomas Grant & Company Ltd See profile
Tickety Boo
Tickety Boo See profile
Timms Solicitors
Timms Solicitors See profile
UK Linkology
UK Linkology See profile
UKSL Laptops Ltd
UKSL Laptops Ltd See profile
Unison Derby City Branch
Unison Derby City Branch See profile
University of Derby
University of Derby See profile
VHS Fletchers
VHS Fletchers See profile
Virgin Money
Virgin Money See profile
WDA Marketing
WDA Marketing See profile
Word of Mouth Creative
Word of Mouth Creative See profile
Wykes O’Donnell Williams
Wykes O’Donnell Williams See profile