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Plugyy supports companies, organisations and cities in their journey toward Net-Zero and E-Mobility ( The company works with organisations from the private and public sectors to help develop and deliver their journey to net-zero and e-mobility, from strategic advisory and feasibility work, through delivery and installation to operations & management.

The Plugyy team members have been operating in the sustainable energy sector for 20 years. Over the years they have worked together and separately on many different projects, such as providing corporate PPAs and energy solutions for large energy consumers, supporting local authorities with their city-wide de-carbonisation plans, developing and installing solar PV and wind generation, e-mobility solutions and sustainable heat projects including heat pumps and solar thermal.

Plugyy offers a Turnkey solution from initial design and feasibility through to installation and repair, for technologies which include: Solar PV , Battery Storage , Heat pumps and EV changing for both residential and commercial buildings.

The energy transition is now accelerating at speed, with power, heat and transport all on a journey to de-carbonise. Plugyy is led by its co-founders, Imran Khan and Shimon Shoshani.


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