Tips for working from home


Working from home may be a new concept for some so you need to make sure that you set out and follow clear guidelines around expectations, working  hours and communication etc.

Here are some top tips to help you survive working remotely during the lockdown period

  • Create a dedicated workspace — you may be lucky enough to have a home office but if not the kitchen table is a great alternative. Where possible ensure your chair, desk and laptop are in a good position to avoid any posture related problems
  • Try your best to minimise distractions — You are at work, do not use it as an opportunity to get the housework done.


  • Check that your internet connection is suitable to cope with you working from home


  • If you are using virtual meeting software to keep in touch with colleagues and clients please ensure that meetings are recorded. You can also improve bandwidth by turning off your camera.


  • Plan out your day, allowing time to complete tasks. Take stock of all non-urgent tasks — phone calls, emails, social media and don’t let them disrupt your workflow


  • Look after your mental well-being — have remote social interaction, have a chat to your friends/family/colleagues and have a virtual cup of tea


  • Ensure you take a break for lunch – food and drink are vital to keep our body and mind performing.


  • Make time to go for a walk to refresh yourself (as part of your one allowed outdoor activity a day)


  • The use earphones can help to remove external noise or let others that you are on the phone
  • Don’t sit in your pyjamas all day. Try to follow your normal daily work routine as closely as possible.


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