Opportunity to tender for production of CQ Winter Life digital magazine.



Tender Document – September 2020


In previous years, Cathedral Quarter BID has produced a festive winter magazine ‘CQ Winter Life’ in print which has been delivered to 20,000 households in and around the city. This year, given the implications of COVID-19, we are looking at doing something different and instead of printed material we wish to create interactive digital feature(s) which can be shared extensively through our own marketing channels and via those of partners.

COVID-19 has brought many challenges to towns and cities across the UK and in that regard the Cathedral Quarter and its businesses are no different. The winter and Christmas period will be a key trading period for many of our businesses and it is important that we give them the platform to promote themselves as well as marketing the Cathedral Quarter to a wider and, potentially new, audience.

It is important that any feature is compatible with, or is able to be linked to, our existing website, including the use of any additional URL’s. Given that a high number of visitors use a mobile to access information on Cathedral Quarter, it is also important that feature(s) must also work well across the different platforms. You can view the current website on the following link – https://www.derbycathedralquarter.co.uk/ .

You can also view previous recent publications by Cathedral Quarter BID on the following links:

CQ Winter Life 2019 – https://www.derbycathedralquarter.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/CQ-Life-Winter-2019-WEB.pdf

CQ Food & Drink Guide 2019 – https://www.derbycathedralquarter.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/CQ-Food-Drink-Brochure-2019-v13-WEB.pdf

CQ Summer Life 2019 – https://www.derbycathedralquarter.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/CQ-Life-Summer-2019-FINAL-WEB.pdf


Key aims of this DIGITAL project

Our overarching aim is to raise the profile of the Cathedral Quarter and the offer provided by businesses and organisations within the BID area during the festive period.

Other objectives include:

  • Provide levy-paying businesses with the opportunity to promote their goods and services
  • Highlight and promote the hospitality sector and evening economy in the Cathedral Quarter
  • Provide businesses with the opportunity to promote the ways they are trading differently, allowing them to promote their online offer (where available) without compromising footfall to the Cathedral Quarter.
  • Support and promote cultural venues, events and activities within the BID area
  • Harness the increased desire amongst the public to shop local, support communities and spend time with the family
  • Give the public increased confidence to visit the Cathedral Quarter and promote what has been done to make it a safer place to visit during COVID-19

We are open to consider any proposal or new ideas for this project – however, any proposal MUST meet the key aims listed above as a minimum.

We are keen to interweave digital footage/film into the features (linking to the BID’s YouTube channel where appropriate.

We may want to focus on different elements of the digital content at different times for social media campaigns – you must bear this in mind when designing.

We are also willing to consider competitions if they generate interest and can set aside a small budget for prizes.

Thought must also be given as to how we can maximise the exposure of this project, including (but not necessarily restricted to) the possible use of online marketing channels and social media campaigns.


All elements of the design would need to adhere to the Cathedral Quarter BID Brand Guidelines which can be found on the following link:


Available resources

The Cathedral Quarter BID already has access to a considerable amount of resources which can be incorporated into designs. These include:

  • An extensive gallery of images including street scenes, key historical buildings and landscapes, businesses etc
  • A series of videos, including the ‘Welcome Back to Derby’ video recently commissioned and available to view here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YugYtsa24rw
  • Text and images collated from businesses in the BID area

Cathedral Quarter BID staff and its PR consultant, Sarah Jenkin-Jones, will work with the chosen contractor to obtain any text/images/content from businesses that may be required.

What we require from you as part of the tender

When submitting your quote please ensure you provide us with the following as a minimum:

  • A summary of proposed design ideas
  • Project plan, including timescales (see below for further information)
  • Portfolio or links to previous work
  • Full contact details



We are asking for you to submit your expression of interest as soon as possible with full proposals  submitted to enquiries@derbycathedralquarter.co.uk by 5pm on Thursday 10 September.

Businesses will be notified of the BID’s decision on the contract w/c 14 September.

Work on the project will be expected to commence w/c 28 September at the latest with a ‘go live’ date of Monday 9 November.


We wish to work closely with the chosen contractor and will therefore require you to build into your quotation sufficient time and staffing costs for ongoing review and discussion during the design process.



Proposals for this project should not exceed £5,500 (plus VAT if applicable). However, where significant justification can be provided in terms of maximising reach, additional budget may be available for this.


Contact Details

If you have any queries regarding this tender please contact Eve Taylor on 07506750877 or via email at enquiries@derbycathedralquarter.co.uk


Additional information

About BID’s

A Business Improvement District (BID) is a defined geographical area within which the businesses have voted to invest collectively to improve their trading environment. They do this by paying a levy in addition to their business rates. This levy is collected and then used to deliver projects and activities identified by businesses to improve the area.

 About the Cathedral Quarter

 Twelve years ago the Cathedral Quarter Business Improvement District was established by businesses in the north of the city of Derby to address the challenges faced by the opening of the Westfield Centre and the relocation of the key footfall drivers, Marks and Spencer and Debenhams. Before 2007 this part of the city centre did not have a name but today ‘Cathedral Quarter’ is widely used by the public and businesses alike.

The BID has worked hard to address this, creating a brand identity which is easily recognisable, highly visible, with a reputation for quality, and as an address which carries a kudos and has a value. The key USP of the Cathedral Quarter is its quality lifestyle offer. It is the historic area of Derby, home to many of the city’s cultural venues and at the heart of the evening economy offer. It is also home to three large hotels and has an excellent mix of well-regarded independent and national businesses across all business sectors including retail, health & beauty, leisure and professional services.

The Cathedral Quarter BID is often held up as an example amongst the industry with a growing national reputation which saw the Cathedral Quarter BID pick up two major awards in 2016 – Great British High Street ‘Best City Location’ and ATCM BID of the Year.



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