Loyal Free Releases New Loyal Base Platform for Businesses


LoyalFree have released a new platform called LoyalBase which allows businesses to collect and connect with their LoyalFree customer base, increasing spend in store and market their business.

Read on to find out how LoyalBase can be of benefit to your business….

What is a Personalised Offer?

A business can create a personalised offer for segments or all of their LoyalBase – sending something exclusive to their most engaged users.

Users will be automatically notified by email ? and by push notification ?.

 Personalised offers can help bring customers back to the business, increase spend or frequency of visits, reward customers or alert them to short term, exclusive promotions.

Setting up Personalised offers

Businesses can log in to their dashboards to set up their own personalised offers:

?Create a personalised offer here

Step 1: Business need to log in to their LoyalFree online dashboard

Step 2:  They should click ‘personalised offers’ down the left side and the fill in the easy form to add the offer they want to send out

Step 3: Decide who in their LoyalBase should receive this offer and click send

Step 4: Customers then get notified by email ? and by push notification ?

Result: You’ve reminded engaged customers about your businesses, given them an incentive to visit and increased in store spend ?

How to increase a businesses LoyalBase

It’s important to start building your LoyalBase now as any customer that claims or interacts with your business profile, will then appear in your LoyalBase to be remarketed to later down the line.

Businesses can increase their Loyalbases with the below tips:

  • Offers should be exclusive where possible to entice customers with something new
  • Loyalty is a great way to increase repeat custom and ensure in store spend before giving anything away!
  • Use our marketing material, social media and word of mouth in store to promote the app and your offers – reminding customers of LoyalFree and getting them to interact with your business whilst in store, captures them forever in your LoyalBase
  • Make sure all staff are well trained on the app to ensure a smooth process for customers
  • Participate in local trails, press and events to get your business more exposure


Q: I don’t know my login details

A: Simply click the forgot password button to reset your password or email info@loyalfree.co.uk if you need a full account reset.

Q: How do I find out how many people are in my LoyalBase?

A: Log in to your dashboard and you will see your LoyalBase at the top of the home page!

Q: I’m not sure what offer to put on, can you offer some suggestions?

A: Of course! We have thousands of businesses using the app across over 60 towns and cities. Email us on info@loyalfree.co.uk and we will get back to you with a list of suggestions. Similarly, you can search for similar businesses on the app to see what sort of offers they are adding.

Q: What are businesses saying?

A: All the businesses we followed up with after the initial launch experiment would run another offer in the future and recommend it to others.

If you require assistance with setting up your LoyalBase, please email the BID office or call 01332 419053


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