COVID-19 Recovery Starter Packs for Levy Paying Businesses

COVID-19 has brought unprecedented changes to towns and cities across the UK and beyond. We recognise that this has been an extremely difficult time for businesses and wish to support you wherever possible to enable you to continue to operate successfully moving forward.

As such, Cathedral Quarter BID have put together a COVID-19 recovery starter pack for levy-paying businesses. We will shortly be issuing businesses with the following items – please note, some of these items may need to be supplied separately due to limited supplies and delivery timescales.


·     3 x social distancing floor graphics

·     3 x washable face coverings

·     1 x social distancing window vinyl

·     1 x hand-washing poster

·     1 x business compliance poster

·     1 x social distancing poster

·     1 x roll of social distancing tape

·     1 x 500ml bottle of hand sanitiser


Everyone needs to assess and manage the risks of COVID-19. As a business, you also have a legal responsibility to protect workers and others from risk to their health and safety. This means you need to think about these risks carefully and do everything reasonably practicable to minimise them, recognising you cannot completely eliminate the risk of COVID-19.

This pack is designed to help your business to manage the risk associated with COVID-19.* It does not provide an exhaustive list of contents; each business is different, and you will need to plan for your business accordingly. We therefore recommend you follow the latest guidance issued by the UK Government.

We hope that you will find this pack useful and we will update you about delivery dates asap.

Please request your pack by emailing – and include your business name, business address, contact name and telephone number.

For the latest information on COVID-19, including links to the Government guidance documents, please visit the Cathedral Quarter BID website

*Businesses remain responsible for protecting workers and others from risk to their health and safety and for continued compliance with the latest government guidelines. Materials supplied by the BID are provided in good faith and should not necessarily be considered comprehensive; their use, installation, application and maintenance are the responsibility of individual Businesses. The Cathedral Quarter BID cannot be held responsible or liable in any way whether directly, indirectly or otherwise, for any injury, loss or damage arising out of or in any way connected with the use of the materials provided.



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