Changes to City Centre Access


Derby City Council have announced a number of changes to routes in the city centre to help with social distancing and traffic flow.

Please find details below of the routes concerned and the changes that will soon come into effect.

London Road (Ascot Drive to City Centre)
Approximately 1.3km of segregated cycle lane to be created.  This will provide facilities for cyclist in both directions.
Includes removal of approximately 100m of on-street pay and display parking.

The Spot (complimentary to London Road segregated cycle lane proposal)
Implementation of immediate necessary changes to The Spot (London Road / Osmaston Road circulatory route) to provide a better environment for pedestrians, quieter streets and temporary footway widening to enhance social distancing. Involves removal of a lane of traffic, creating a one-way route, removal of pay and display parking, changes to bus stop locations and taxi ranks.

Corporation Street / Morledge
Vehicle traffic will be reduced as much as possible to create a cleaner, more spacious environment for pedestrians, allow cyclists to cross the city centre on a quieter route and link with existing off-road cycle routes by the Derwent riverside cycle and walking route. There will be restrictions on access (except for buses, taxis, cyclist and pedestrians) but with concessions for loading and unloading.

Albert Street, Victoria Street and Wardwick 

The three conjoining streets that form a link across the city centre, with historic narrow footways in places will see changes to provide a two-way cycle route and improve the available space for pedestrians.  The improved cycle facilities will link to the quieter area of Corporation Street and Morledge and to existing off road cycle routes. The removal of a lane of traffic and creation of a one-way route for buses, taxis and delivery vehicles (loading and unloading will be restricted to times) will allow space to be reallocated.



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