Thrivemind Village Launch Community Kitchen Crowdfunder


Thrivemind Village CIC wants to renovate an unused office space in our Derby city premise and turn it into a community kitchen that gives people affected by ill-health, isolation and the cost-of-living crisis access to affordable, nutritious, plant-based meals made with locally sourced ingredients in partnership with local health food & growing projects.

The kitchen will be the beating heart of the Thrivemind Village project, complimenting all other aspects of our offering and central to providing wider opportunities for volunteering, connection, & learning around cooking, culture, nutrition, nature, growing and more. It will directly contribute to regenerating the people and environment of Derby & beyond.

The money raised will help pay for us to work with local contractors and suppliers to achieve all aspects of renovation and installation throughout Winter 2023 before launching the community kitchen with a collective feast and celebration for all involved.

We will work with volunteers & partner organisations throughout 2024 to procure, grow, harvest and prepare food for the community’s nourishment whilst building community resilience and food sovereignty in the process.


We have a vision for a kitchen run by the community where carrots are peeled to help our people & planet to heal.

It’s a vision for a kitchen that helps address the loneliness, cost-of-living, environmental and chronic health crises affecting our loved ones and wider communities so as we roast our potatoes and parsnips we overcome heartache and hardship.

It’s a vision for a kitchen that manifests plant-based meals made with organic produce donated and bought from local health food and growing projects around the city & shire, uplifted, inspired, as the gravy warms and onions are sautéed we know it’s all gonna be okay.

This vision for a kitchen is one that feeds a wider movement that unites people, projects and communities around our need to eat nourishing food, socialise, share skills and grow together, so whilst we celebrate, boil, fry and steam we regenerate the soil and society.

In our vision for a kitchen seeds are saved, hope is sown, future’s are secured, dinners served and revolutions are grown.

Would you like to help us make this vision for a kitchen a feast for us all to achieve?

If so here’s a knife & chopping board.

  1. Donate to our Crowdfunder – Even small donations make a huge difference and every little helps.
  2. Raise engagement by liking and commenting.
  3. Share and help spread the word.

Chop chop


Liz, Simon & the TMV Collective.



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