What If? Machine

13/03/2022, 11:00 - 15:30

Museum of Making

Silk Mill Lane off Full Street




Museum of Making at Derby Silk has undergone a £18m refurbishment and welcomed its first visitors in May 2021. Derby’s stunning Silk Mill building stands…

What if… we could create an over-engineered, Rube Goldberg and Heath Robinson inspired contraption designed to send a chain reaction around the ground floor of the Museum of Making to complete a simple task? Returning for 2022, the What If? Machine is a celebration of making, creating, designing and building!


Sign up a team to create a section of this amazing machine or come and marvel at the ingenious contraptions being created on the day with the chance to get involved in making its smaller but just as over-engineered cousin!

Whether you decide to participate as a family, friends, or as part of a special interest group… all are welcome to contribute to the What If? Machine and help us create a machine that can open a book as part of the Museum of Making’s official entry to the Rube Goldberg Machine Contest 2022.

Have a look at a previous machine we made here: https://www.derbymuseumsfromhome.com/museum-of-making-posts/what-if-machine


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