Two Days in December: Derby and the Forty-Five – Walking Tour

17/08/2023 - 18/08/2023, 11am

Derby Museum and Art Gallery

The Strand



In the heart of the city, Derby’s Museum and Art Gallery is home to a fascinating and diverse range of nationally (and internationally) important collections.…

Explore what life in Derby was like under Jacobite occupation

In 1745 Derby was a small town on the forefront of the industrial revolution, and then war arrived.

To this “rich and populous” country town came a rebel army of almost 6000 men, at their head was Charles Edward Stewart, the Roman born grandson of James II, claimant to the British throne.

For two days the town watched and waited while the Jacobite council of war made their decision and finally retreated. For the political leadership of Derby, those two days were ones of shifting allegiances and important decisions: should Derby resist the Jacobites or help their cause? Or would it be better to simply do nothing and wait out the occupation?

For the ordinary population, those two days were ones of uncertainty, fear, and farce. As an army the size of the town itself moved in and had to be lodged, individual people had to make the same decisions as their leadership and became involved in a dynastic struggle far beyond their own individual lived experience.

And what of the experience of the Jacobite soldier? From idealistic recruits from Manchester, to Gaelic speaking highlanders who had never left their homes until now, those two days left a marked impression on their lives. This tour will tell their stories. This walking tour of Derby will be led by the University of Derby’s Galin Nenov and Miles McIntosh.

A legacy event presented as part of Hogarth’s Britons.

Suitable for adults

Booking essential

In case of bad weather this event will be held within Derby Museum and Art Gallery.

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