Toussaint to Move – Songwriting for ‘Free’ Workshop

31/07/2023, 14:00


Chapel Steet



Déda is a creative centre for dance, contemporary circus and outdoor work. The stunning building, located on Chapel Street, houses three professionally equipped dance studios,…

Theatre Performance

What does it mean to be free? What does freedom mean for you?

In this song writing workshop join Akeim Toussaint Buck & Otis Jones (Snakebox) as they lead a collective dive into the world of their new project ‘Free’. ‘Free’ will be a contemporary dance musical presenting a spectacle of rebellion, peace, love and freedom. In this pursuit of freedom there will be powerful and captivating dance and live music deeply inspired and born out of the world of Reggae. Exploring reggae music and its roots of rebellion in conjunction with the magic and mysticism of the songwriting in this incredible genre. Participants will be supported in looking at songwriting techniques of metaphor and imagery depicting nature, character and story. We will collectively generate ideas for our music, stringing together lyrics, melodies and rhythms that eventually become songs that will be the soundtrack to this exciting work. Come join in and enjoy a good tune or two, with two talented and wholesome artists.

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