Toussaint to Move – Songs of ‘Free’ Performance & ‘Displaced’ Film Screening

03/08/2023, 6pm


Chapel Steet



Déda is a creative centre for dance, contemporary circus and outdoor work. The stunning building, located on Chapel Street, houses three professionally equipped dance studios,…

Songs of ‘Free’ will be an acoustic reggae performance of songs originally written and performed by Akeim Toussaint Buck & Otis Jones. Amongst their songs will be a tune or two collectively written with members of the public in Derby during their workshop Songwriting for ‘Free’ on Monday 31st July. Songs of ‘Free’ will all explore reggae music and its roots of rebellion in conjunction with the magic and mysticism of the songwriting in this incredible genre.

‘Displaced’ is the cinematic reimagining of Akeim Toussaint Buck’s one-man dance theatre show: ‘Windows of Displacement’. Created and Co-Directed by Ashley Karrell, the film continues the exploration of themes such as: displacement, race, culture and imperialism. Focusing more on the African Diaspora via the settings of the inner-city community. Taking aspects of the live work and re-contextualising them in real life spaces that support in amplifying this feeling of displacement. Giving the viewer a fraction of the feeling of being displaced people. Visually captivating with striking imagery and virtuoso dance, ‘Displaced’ takes the viewer on a journey calling for reflection and global change. 

Join us for an evening of mixed arts all expressing the pursuit and need of freedom. 

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