The Manly Show

26/07/2024, 7.30pm


Chapel Steet



Déda is a creative centre for dance, contemporary circus and outdoor work. The stunning building, located on Chapel Street, houses three professionally equipped dance studios,…
The Manly Show is a comedic exploration of what being a ‘man’ means in the year 2024. Two young men who are trying to create a viral video discover an old VHS tape that promises to teach them how to become the ‘ideal man’, but only if they follow every single step to the letter. As they continue to mould themselves, the tape starts changing and transforming them, until they lose their individuality, and become examples of toxic masculinity. 
The show blends comedy, truth, physicality, video and music, as each step on the tape represents a new challenge for the young men to overcome. Will they become the worst version of themselves?Will they be able to defeat the influence of the evil tape? Will they make it to the final step?

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