How many albums has Elton John released?
Is Newcastle called Newcastle because they built a castle & it was new?
What film has the tagline “Earth. It was fun while it lasted”?

You may not know, but you can have a good guess. That is the aim of THE BIG GUESS. A new general knowledge quiz night taking place at QUAD. There’s no specific subject, just lots of question to make you go “ooooh, I KNOW this”

You don’t need a degree in thermonuclear microwave cooking to get through the first round, but you may need to take a stab at how many people have died in Midsomer Murders (to the nearest 10)

Winners receive Tickets to films of their choice at QUAD. The most fun team name will win a prize and the team that comes last wins…..AN UNMARKED TIN OF STUFF (that we only promise is not pet food)

So come on down to the Cafe Bar @ QUAD for 7.30pm every other Weds from 7th October and give it a go. It’s £1 a head (made payable to the quizmaster) and teams of no more than four.

Visit The Big Guess Facebook page here.