Standing In This Place Exhibition

05/04/2024, 11am - 5pm


Albert Street




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Artcore is a visual arts charity with a group of professional artists working within communities locally, nationally and internationally. Here at Artcore Gallery we believe…

Standing In This Place is an art and heritage initiative conceived by sculptor Rachel Carter in collaboration with the Legacy Makers group, established in 2014 by Bright Ideas Nottingham, and the collaborative community-academic Global Cotton Connections project. The project aims to bring attention to the intertwined narratives of white mill workers and black enslaved women displaced to the Americas, showcasing the interconnectedness of their stories and histories through the common threads of cotton, sorrow, strength, and resilience. By working closely with the Legacy Makers, a black-led community group, the project explores questions about who should be remembered, acknowledging the stark underrepresentation of non-royal women in the UK’s statue landscape, with less than 5% depicting such figures.

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