Out Front! Presents: Meg Morley and Petra Haller

06/09/2023, 8.30pm

Café Déda


Chapel Street




With its stunning architecture and creative gallery vibe, the CUBE café|bar is perfect for meet-ups with friends, evening coffee’s and pre-show dining. Serving fresh, homemade…

Over the past year Meg Morley (piano) and Petra Haller (dance) have established an exciting duo partnership which is based on free improvisation and the concept of interplay and interchange between two performing artists of equal standing (rather than on ‘dancer as soloist, musician as accompanist’). Their exhilarating performances focus on giving audiences access to free improvisation whilst presenting them with the historical roots of tap and jazz as Black American art forms.

“Haller and Morley play off one another to create an experience of both free-wheeling athleticism and highly disciplined technique. They explore rhythm and time and most engagingly, how top-tier artists communicate in real-time.”Wandsworth Fringe Festival 2022

OUT FRONT! has a primary focus on showcasing amazing music through engaging households to experience live jazz and improvised music. Our concerts highlight the diversity of the British and Irish improvised music scenes, and reflect the excellence of musicians and composers in Derby and The Midlands.

OUT FRONT! constantly strives to make these events accessible in terms of pricing, environment and time. This has the potential to bring children and young adults into contact with the music without diminishing family time, as well as giving access to adults who may not be able to afford more costly gigs.


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