Otakulink 9

26/05/2024, 11.30am - 11.30pm

The Old Bell Hotel

Sadler Gate



The Old Bell is Derby’s largest and last surviving coaching Inn. Built in 1650 it was once considered to be one of the most prestigious…

Otaku World LTD is thrilled to unveil the return of Otaku Link, now in its 9th iteration, transforming Derby into a vibrant hub of anime and Japanese culture. Otaku Link 9 – The Gothic Anime Gathering promises an immersive experience, meticulously curated by passionate individuals. This celebration of anime and Japanese culture offers attendees a captivating glimpse into an enchanting world, promising a spellbinding experience in Derby.

Otaku World LTD unveils an exciting evolution in the Otaku Link experience for 2024. Each instalment will feature a distinctive theme, threading seamlessly throughout the festivities. From carefully curated stallholders to specially invited performers, every facet reflects the chosen theme. Engaging activities and immersive experiences promise to captivate attendees, offering a fresh and exhilarating dimension to the Otaku Link series.


JERO11, a seasoned metal guitarist, infuses Japanese tradition with electrifying energy in his genre-defining Wagakki Guitar Metal. With over 20 years of solo performance, he skillfully wields a 7-string guitar and self-built box shamisen, influenced by icons like Steve Vai and Joe Satriani. Dynamic sets feature anime, Vocaloid, and video game covers, captivating audiences worldwide!
Black Tsubaki, a Japanese singer in the UK, harmoniously melds traditional Japanese melodies with the intensity of heavy metal. Her name evokes the dark allure of her music, promising an electrifying fusion that transcends cultural barriers and captivates audiences worldwide.
DJ Manimal, a longstanding fixture at Otaku Link events since its inception, brings unparalleled energy and innovation to the stage. His unique set seamlessly blends live anime music with AMVs, crafting an immersive experience unlike any other. With a deft touch, DJ Manimal also incorporates elements of KPOP and Trance, ensuring a dynamic and captivating performance that keeps audiences engaged from start to finish.

Special Guest: Reece Bridger – Voice Actor

Reece Bridger, a seasoned UK-based voice actor, seamlessly combines writing talent with versatile vocal skills honed over a decade. With credits ranging from ‘Zoolaplex’ to ‘Genshin Impact,’ his expertise extends across anime dubs, indie games, and narrative design. Equipped with a broadcast-quality studio, he founded No Studio In Particular Ltd., fostering global industry connections.

Otaku Link 9 offers a plethora of interactive activities to engage attendees throughout the day. Test your anime knowledge and win £10 online vouchers in our thrilling anime quizzes. Dive into the world of tabletop gaming with our D&D Learn to Play sessions, perfect for both beginners and seasoned adventurers. Show off your creativity and craftsmanship in our Cosplay Parade, where participants can flaunt their favorite characters with pride. Discover hidden talents or cheer on fellow enthusiasts at our Talent Spot, showcasing a variety of performances and skills. And lose yourself in the rhythm of our Silent Disco, where attendees can dance the day away to their favorite anime tunes. With something for everyone, Otaku Link 9 promises a day filled with excitement, creativity, and unforgettable memories.

After Party

As the day transitions into night, Otaku Link 9 invites attendees to continue the festivities at our electrifying After party. Set against a backdrop of chilling decor and spine-tingling ambiance, the afterparty promises an immersive experience like no other. Dance to the beats of DJ Mani as he spins a thrilling mix of anime music, KPOP, and trance, keeping the energy high and the spirits lifted then take a chance and involve yourself in Otaku Links most popular after party activity, karaoke! The Horror Afterparty is the perfect way to conclude a day of excitement and exploration!

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