Otakulink 8

25/02/2024, 11.30am - 11.30pm The Old Bell Hotel

6 St James St



Otaku World is more than a company for us, it’s a community. Our first mission is to create a space within UK where passionate anime…

Otaku Link 8

 The Old Bell Hotel, Derby, DE1 3NQ
 Sun 25th February 2024
Otaku World LTD proudly announces the highly anticipated return of Otaku Link, now in its 8th installment, as it transforms Derby into the vibrant epicenter of anime and Japanese culture. Otaku Link 8 – Mystical Maidens and Magical Girls marks a thrilling chapter in the series, curated with meticulous attention to detail by a team of passionate and dedicated individuals. This celebration of anime and various facets of Japanese culture promises to immerse attendees in a spellbinding experience, carefully crafted to offer Derby a tantalizing glimpse into the enchanting world of anime!

Otaku World LTD is thrilled to announce an exciting evolution in the Otaku Link experience for the year 2024. Embracing a dynamic shift in event structure, each Otaku Link installment will now feature its own distinctive theme, infusing a thematic thread seamlessly throughout the festivities. This innovative approach will be reflected in every facet of the event, from carefully curated stall holders resonating with the chosen theme to specially invited performers whose acts embody the essence of the event’s unique focus. From engaging activities to immersive experiences, the thematic elements are designed to inspire and captivate attendees, promising a fresh and exhilarating dimension to the Otaku Link series.

We’re proud to announce the exceptional musical talent of LELE as a featured performer. With an impressive career spanning eight years across the UK, Australia, and Japan, LELE is a seasoned musician renowned for her captivating performances in both English and Japanese. Having graced the stages of clubs, music events, and festivals, LELE’s musical journey has been marked by extraordinary success, including a notable appearance on the popular Australian TV program, “It’s Japan Man!” Her music, characterized by its clean and catchy melodies, has garnered widespread acclaim, making her a standout artist in the international music scene. LELE’s live shows are an immersive experience, fostering inclusivity and enticing the crowd to actively participate, creating a wholesome yet high-energy atmosphere.

We are thrilled to announce we will be graced with the electrifying performance by the sensational Mio Energy. Hailing from Japan, Mio Energy is a renowned dancer and singer, captivating audiences worldwide with her dynamic and energetic performances. With a stellar track record, having graced the stages of prestigious events such as Hyper Japan, MCM, and Anime League, Mio Energy brings a wealth of experience and an undeniable charisma to Otaku Link 8. Known for her ability to induce an infectious sense of hype and excitement, Mio Energy has the extraordinary talent of compelling audiences to not just witness but to actively participate in the celebration.

We proudly present the ground-breaking DJ MANIMAL, a trailblazer in the fusion of anime music, KPOP, and Trance. As the first DJ to seamlessly blend these diverse genres into an electrifying set, DJ MANIMAL has become an integral part of the Otaku Link experience, earning popularity among dedicated regulars. Renowned for his innovative approach, DJ MANIMAL brings a unique audio-visual spectacle to the stage, coupling his musical mastery with captivating anime visuals that create an immersive and unforgettable experience. The excitement surrounding DJ MANIMAL extends beyond Otaku Link, as he cements his status as an emerging artist in the anime convention circuit. His recent signing to perform at the prestigious MCM Comic Con in Birmingham is a testament to his rising acclaim and the universal appeal of his genre-defying performances.

Otaku Link 8 invites attendees to partake in an array of exciting activities, including Anime Quizzes with enticing prizes, an Anime Merch Auction, and a dazzling Cosplay Parade with coveted awards. In addition, Unity Café Derby will be on-site, curating a gaming corner featuring retro games for an immersive gaming experience.

Otaku Link 8 is set to make history as it introduces the inaugural YAKAI RAVE After Party, an electrifying extravaganza featuring the dynamic duo of DJ MANIMAL and LELE. Prepare to be transported to the pulsating underground rave scene of Tokyo, where neon lights, lasers and immersive backdrops create an atmosphere unlike any other. This unprecedented event promises an exhilarating fusion of Kawaii future core, EDM, original Yakai music, and more, all within the transformed confines of the Old Bell Hotel function room. Running from 7:30PM to 9:30PM.

Witness the space metamorphose into a mini Tokyo underground club, encouraging attendees to unleash their inner party spirit with glow sticks in hand and hands raised high in the air. But the excitement doesn’t end there—Ray’s Karaoke Party will be in full swing from 9:30PM to 11:30PM, ensuring an unforgettable blend of music, dance, and vocal prowess. Otaku Link 8 invites you to join this ground-breaking celebration, where the convergence of cosplay, music, and nightlife promises an unforgettable experience that transcends the boundaries of traditional event entertainment. Get ready for a night of unprecedented revelry and immerse yourself in the vibrant energy of Otaku Link 8’s YAKAI RAVE After Party!

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