Oak Apple Day Wreaths

27/05/2023, 10am - 12.30pm

Derby Museum and Art Gallery

The Strand



In the heart of the city, Derby’s Museum and Art Gallery is home to a fascinating and diverse range of nationally (and internationally) important collections.…

Oak Apple Day has been celebrated for over 350 years! It commemorates when Charles II hid in an oak tree to avoid capture during the English Civil War. Charles was restored as King in 1660, and Oak Apple Day has been celebrated on 29 May (Charles’s birthday) ever since.

People loyal to the Stuart Kings and Queens show their support by wearing sprigs of oak leaves and apples. Oak leaves and apples continued to be used by Jacobite supporters nearly 100 years later, and you can see many examples in our special exhibition: Hogarth’s Britons: Succession, Patriotism and the Jacobite Rebellion.

Whether you are a Stuart supporter or simply a nature lover, join our crafty session to make an Oak Apple Day Wreath. There will be plenty of opportunities to get messy and creative with apple printing, leaf rubbing and collage.

Drop-in, session.

Suitable for families with children aged 3+.

FREE – Give What You Think.

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