Lucy Hardcastle: Unfolding the overlooked – Creative Writing Workshop with Carol J Forrester

20/01/2024, 1- 3pm

Derby Museum and Art Gallery

The Strand



In the heart of the city, Derby’s Museum and Art Gallery is home to a fascinating and diverse range of nationally (and internationally) important collections.…

Lucy Hardcastle is a perfect example of a woman with knowledge and skill, living quietly in the background of the world of men.

Diligent in her botanical research, Lucy’s illustrations earned her respect among those who knew her, and her manuscript on Meadow Saffron shows a woman who was not afraid to point out the mistakes of those before her.

Taking Lucy Hardcastle as an example, this workshop will look at how we can use poetry to write about real individuals, particularly when the information on them is scarce.

We will look at how we can use their work to build an image of them, highlighting those individuals who are often lost in the stories and creating poetic responses to them.

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