Love Light Betrayal + Q&A

02/04/2022, 19:00


Market Place




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Actor and Director Jack Brett Anderson will be performing three readings – ElevenBack, and Angel – excerpts from the upcoming audiobook LOVE LIGHT BETRAYAL, a collection of short stories read by Jack and written by playwright Tina Jay.

Each of the performed readings a reflective intimate journey, exploring different lives and different worlds through the three title themes. LOVE LIGHT BETRAYAL brings a new and sensitive point of view to the term ‘masculinity.’

Eleven – A timeless tale of jealousy, desire, and the cost they collectively bring to the table of life.
Back   – A young person’s journey to survive, and an internal desperation to return to a world he once knew.
Angel – Two people from different walks of life brought together for just a few hours, late one evening, but for one of them, life will never be the same again.

Produced by Runnin’ Hard Productions.

Running time 120 mins

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