Kids take-over with National Space Centre

01/11/2023, Various

Derby Cathedral

Iron Gate




Derby Cathedral is a special place of prayer, worship and hospitality set at the heart of the city.

National Space Centre comes to Derby! Experience an interactive talk and fun moon-related learning workshops, delivered by Space Centre experts.

Each 1hour session includes the opportunity to take part in the following amazing activities:

Artemis Mission to the Moon

Join our presenters for this fun and interactive talk, to find out more about the Artemis mission objectives and what has been achieved so far. This talk will include live demonstrations on how rockets launch, and experiments based on the lunar surface.

Lunar surface exploration

Join the team to see if you can get your LEGO buggy to complete our lunar surface challenge. What problems might a lunar buggy face on the Moons surface?

Meteorites under the microscope

Get up close and hold some of the oldest rocks in our solar system, these were once the building blocks of the planets. Find out more about the difference between a meteorite and shooting star and take a closer look under the microscope.

Pricing: £10 for one adult and one child, £5 for an additional person, under 3’s free,

Sessions must be pre-booked and will run at the following times:

Session 1: 10-11am

Session 2: 11:20am-12:20pm

Session 3: 1:05pm – 2:05pm

Session 4: 2:25pm-3:25pm

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