Introduction to Rope Flow with Tim Shieff

20/09/2023, 6pm Electric Daisy, 1 Bold Lane

Join athlete and human movement specialist Tim Shieff for a complete introduction into ‘Rope Flow’ at Electric Daisy.

What is Rope Flow?

Rope flow is a new, unique and revolutionary movement/fitness practice where you learn to move your body in a more functional, coordinated and graceful way. It is gentle like qi gong and yet you can feel powerful like an athlete and fluid like a dancer. Consider this physical education 2.0!

What will the session entail?

Tim will take you through the complete basics of rope flow! Mainly the three fundamental patterns:

  • Overhand-8
  • Underhand-8
  • Dragon Roll

These will get your spine mobile and strong and all you need to start! Whether you are new to the rope or have been rolling for a few years, you are sure to take home some valuable knowledge from this workshop.’

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