Halloween Quiz Night-mare

30/10/2021 - 31/10/2021, 20:00 Market Place

Join the Lost Boys for a Halloween Quiz Night-Mare to remember, or rather to forget.

Win the coveted winner’s prize and secure freedom for yourselves, for not all is as it seems. Yes, you are entering a game show, yes, there will be different rounds exploring a range of skills, talents and intellects, yes, there will be The Lost Boys, but perhaps there will be other visitors too! Visitors with their own endgame in mind…

Enter as a team of up to 6 for 3 rounds of 30mins of brain teasers, with a mix of live performance and digital content and breaks for trips to the bar!

Dare you enter this frightful challenge? Have you got the guts and grey matter to survive this immersive and interactive experience? Can you laugh in the face of danger?

Be prepared for a pant-wettingly-monster of a night.

Bonus prize for the best dressed team!


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