Gold Squad

19/01/2022 - 28/02/2022, Every Wednesday 10.30 - 12.30


Market Place




QUAD is a Cinema, Gallery;Cafe Bar and Workshop open seven days a week. QUAD is a thriving centre for art and film where there is…

GoldsQUAD is a relaxed, friendly group for anyone aged 50+ interested in creativity, learning new skills and trying new challenges in a supportive environment.

Sessions are held weekly and led by visiting artists and creative practitioners.


12th January – 16th February 2022  – Introduction to Photography. 

These six sessions with photographer Jon Legge will teach photography skills and techniques, whilst working to produce images which will be exhibited in Derby as part of the Format International Photography Festival off year exhibition.

12th January
Exposure Basics/Intro to Digital Cameras. Understand ISO, focal length, wide angle-telephoto and what they do to the photograph – followed by a photographic treasure hunt.

19th January – Camera Obscura.
Join us to transform QUADs participation space into a Camera Obscura.

26th January – Photographic Portraits.
We will look at the work of portrait photographers and painters before trying out portrait photography, looking at exposure compensation, short lighting/broad lighting. Learn how to set people at ease in front of the camera and have a go with artificial (strobist) light – modifying light, reflectors, flags etc.

2nd February – Desktop Studio.
Participants can bring in objects from home and we will look at how to photograph stuff with artificial lights. Looking at light and shadow, controlling contrast and white balance, styling and backgrounds and how to do it at home.

9th February – Joiners.
Drawing inspiration from the work of David Hockney, we will work to produce our own photo joiners both analogue and digital.

16th February – Pinhole Cameras.
Learn how to make a pinhole camera and develop the image in a photographic darkroom setup.

Places are limited, so booking is essential.

Please reserve your place online or by calling QUAD Box Office on 01332 290606.

Sessions cost £4 per person.

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