Ecumenical Lent Course: A Politics of Charity in Pursuit of Social Love

14/03/2024, 7pm

Derby Cathedral

Iron Gate




Derby Cathedral is a special place of prayer, worship and hospitality set at the heart of the city.

This is the fourth of five sessions that make up the Ecumenical Lent Course that is taking place throughout Lent at St Mary’s Church and Derby Cathedral.

Other sessions will take place on the following dates:

Thursday 22nd February (St Mary’s Church) – A Call to Social Friendship in a Time of Isolation

Thursday 29th February (St Mary’s Church) – A Call to be Neighbours in the World

Thursday 7th March (Derby Cathedral) – Solidarity as Social Friendship

Thursday 21st March (Derby Cathedral) – An Ethic of Peace and Nonviolence

Time: 19:00 (Refreshments) 19:30 start.

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