D-Day Commemorations

06/06/2024, 5.15pm

Derby Cathedral

Iron Gate




Derby Cathedral is a special place of prayer, worship and hospitality set at the heart of the city.

Derby City Council and Derby Cathedral will host the city’s D-Day commemorations with a commemorative service on Thursday 6 June at 5.15pm.

The service will mark 80 years since the allied invasion of Normandy in 1944 that began the liberation of France and Western Europe from Nazi Germany.

This significant event will be a moment of reflection and gratitude for those who took part in the landings and the wider armed forces community. All citizens and members of the armed forces are invited to attend.

Following the service, the Cathedral bells will peel, and refreshments will be served for those who wish to stay.

For further information, please contact civic.support@derby.gov.uk.

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