Create My World: Nature – QUAD Gallery

22/07/2023 - 03/09/2023, Various


Market Place




QUAD is a Cinema, Gallery;Cafe Bar and Workshop open seven days a week. QUAD is a thriving centre for art and film where there is…

Create My World: Nature is a family-friendly exhibition focused on nature, world-building and exploration in QUAD Gallery 1. It is an interactive and virtual world of wonder where you can explore your creativity and make your own digital creations come alive.  Over six weeks a new virtual world will be populated with living creatures and plant life made from artworks generated by visitors through activity sheets and workshops. Designs will be inserted into a virtual 3D world and brought to life projected across QUAD Gallery. Participants of all ages are invited to create their own beetles, bugs, butterflies and more as part of QUAD’s digital ecosystem and, using game controllers, explore the world you have created. 

Play & Display is a workshop / exhibition space in QUAD Gallery 2 where visitors can grow and expand on ideas inspired by Create My World: Nature to create artworks that can be scanned and uploaded into the virtual world. Play & Display is a workshop room and extra exhibition space, where visitors can add artworks to the walls of Gallery 2. We invite visitors to reflect on and respond to different questions relating to themes of nature and the environment, with questions and topics updated over the six weeks that Play & Display is open. We want to gather your ideas and celebrate your creativity and love for nature.

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