Admin Staff Productions Presents: Liminal Haze, Jonathan Deasy and Other Light

03/06/2023, 7.30pm


Chapel Steet



Déda is a creative centre for dance, contemporary circus and outdoor work. The stunning building, located on Chapel Street, houses three professionally equipped dance studios,…

Liminal Hazeare a duo consisting of Craig Stewart Johnson and Ross Scott-Buccleuch.They are a minimal drone act, utilising analog synths, tape loops, samplers and effects to create sometimes brittle, sometimes dense, slowly evolving pieces of hypnotic tone and cassette textures.Described by We Need No Swords as…A creeping miasma of muted throbs and distant percussive crashes….a toxic fog of greyscale pulsations that’s both intangible and hypnotic. Its grim vibrations seep like a cold gas into your bones and lull you into dulled acquiescence

Volume 5 | Liminal Haze | Park 70 (

Jonathan Deasyis a guitarist, improviser and composer based between Cork, Ireland and Clermont-Ferrand, France.Whether performing fuzzily idiomatic, improvised music or static electronic minimalism, he creates immersive environments that shift and evolve from the quiet and minimal to the chaotic and free and is at the forefront of musical improvisation in Ireland.Performing under his full name and a number of monikers (Quiet Clapping, Knowing), each concentrating on a different aspect of his musical interest, he has releases on labels such as Invisible City Records, Tone Burst, Traced Objects, Verz, Falt, Decaying Spheres, MRM and Rusted Tone Recordings.He plays live regularly and has performed with Mats Gustafsson, Han-Earl Park, Mark Sanders, John Butcher, The Quiet Club, Jin Sangtae and Catherine Sikora among others.

Music | Jonathan Deasy (

Other Light Ensembleare an experimental music group from Derbyshire with a core quartet of Chris Jones, Matthew Redfern, Ryan James Mawbey and Jonathan Hill.

Using a palette of drums, percussion, guitars, synth and tape, the group explore pattern, repetition and deep listening – leaning into experimental rock, free improvisation, drone and post punk to present long form pieces of partly composed music.

For this performance, the group will be joined by guitarist, Petér Sharratt As the ensemble seek to explore the full acoustic reaches of the space – creating an enveloping meditation in the form of a single piece of music titled ‘the sleepless hum of love’s echo’.

WF 43 – Slow Wave of Long Comfort | Ryan James Mawbey (

Fractured Narratives | Jonny Hill | MONOCREO (

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