A Journey through the Chakra’s

03/02/2024, 1pm


Chapel Steet



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Welcome to your journey through the Yogic ancient philosophy of the Chakra system!

This workshop is for everyone and anyone that would like to learn and experience more about the spiritual side of yoga.

In this session, Sinéad aims to take you deeper into the ancient roots of yoga and how you can take an empowered approach toliving your best life.

In this workshop,

  • you will explore the yogic philosophy of the Chakra System and how we can take empowered steps to restore balance.
  • you will leave with an insight into how an imbalanced chakra can sound, feel or impact our personal or business life.
  • will include a 60 minute vinyasa yoga practice; starting with pranayama (breathwork) practice, asanas (poses) linked by our breath, and closing with a calming assisted Savsana.

Cost investment is £20 per person.

Time Investment is 120 minutes

Yoga mats and props are provided.Please feel free to bring your own if you prefer.

Please bring a notepad / pen for reflections.

We will be diving deeper into each of the chakras in future months if this is of interest to you.

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