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The Tanning Shop is UK’s number 1 tanning chain which offers great services to those who desire the look of a great tan.We have both stand up and lay down UV tanning facilities. We also have a wide selection of tanning lotions available.

Understand why you tan
When skin is exposed to UVB light, cells called melanocytes in the deeper dermis layer of the skin produce increased amounts of melanin, the tanning pigment. This is then transferred to the top layer of skin, the epidermis. UVA acts upon the melanin near the surface by oxidising it. This turns the melanin brown and creates what we know as a tan. UVB also produces a thickening of the horny layer of the skin. This process, together with the protection from the oxidised melanin can create a level of sun protection in the skin.
How to achieve the best tan
The best way to create and maintain a tan is by encouraging the melanocytes to produce more melanin and then drawing it to the top layers of skin and retaining and oxidising it there. This is done by exposing the skin frequently (3 times a week) via a series of tanning sessions which do not burn the skin (which is actually counterproductive and harmful).

In response to the recent Cancer Research survey, The Tanning Shop would like to confirm its position to the specific points this survey raises:
We always offer a proper skin consultation to determine customer’s skin type
We never tan under 18’s
We always employ staff to advise the correct session time
We do not advocate the use of unmanned or coin operated salons.
We offer a variety of tanning applications…

UV Stand up
Units offer a fast, convenient and hygienic tanning service, ideal for those of you who want to build up a beautiful tan, but who don’t have much time on your hands.
UV Lay down
Units offer a relaxing, comfortable and hygienic tanning service, suited for those of you who want to pamper yourself and escape for a few minutes whilst building a beautiful tan.


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