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Tuesday 09:30 - 17:30

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Imagine a place you can escape to in your lunch hour… during a busy day… on a weekend… when you’ve a few moments to yourself.  Imagine beautifully appointed surroundings, peace and calm, people whose role it is just to make you feel special.

We’re changing the salon experience – forever
We challenge conventional thinking, delivering a luxurious, enjoyable and engaging experience. And although we’re a luxury brand, we’ll never be snooty.
We will always remember that your haircut is about you. Not us, not the season, and not the latest fad.
Our goal is the highest standard of excellence
Not just in our styling, but in our welcome, our customer service, our attention to detail, and our consistency.
We will always listen very carefully because we’ll only spend an hour or so with your hairstyle, but you’ll be spending the next six weeks with it.
We will be a calm oasis in your busy life
Unwind: come early and relax in our lounge – and bring a friend, if you like.
We will never rush you
You’ll always have the full 60-minute eye’candy experience. Most salons try to squeeze your appointment into just 45 minutes – and so they compromise on the finished result.
We promise you’ll never feel trapped
Try a different eye’candy stylist whenever the mood takes you. And whilst we may recommend products, we will never hard sell.
We will consistently demonstrate how much we value your custom
So you should prepare for delightful surprises from time to time.
Wherever available, eye’candy uses only eco-friendly, fairly traded products, and products which haven’t been tested on animals. And we recycle.
We won’t ask you if you’ve booked your holiday yet
Because we’re tired of tired old salon cliches, too.


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