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The Cathedral Quarter BID

The Cathedral Quarter Derby Business improvement (BID) district: a new and proven way for everyone to prosper together.

The BID aims to improve the business environment of the Cathedral Quarter. In reality, this can only be achieved with the full involvement and support of everyone connected with the Quarter, including:

Businesses – who have identified the improvements needed to transform the area and then voted to provide the investment for these improvements

Customers - who can help improve the area by informing us about when, how often and why they visit the Cathedral Quarter and what would make them visit more often

Tourists, residents and members of the public – who all stand to gain from a brighter and more pleasant environment

Employees – who add their own essential contribution through friendliness and efficiency, because they ‘enjoy working here’

Developers and landlords – who provide the premises and facilities which allow existing businesses to thrive and encourage new businesses into the area.

Derby City Council – who have demonstrated their support by providing a baseline of services provided through the business rates

The Derby Cathedral Quarter Company Limited - which administers and delivers the BID and the improvements identified by the businesses.

The aim of this website is to engage with everyone who lives, works or does business in the Cathedral Quarter, by seeking your views and keeping you informed about the BID process. With your active support and interest, the Cathedral Quarter BID can become a reality – to everyone’s benefit.

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